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Hunan Along New Energy Technologies Co., Ltd
can provide a entire solution from waste to energy, scope of equipment supply covers waste pre-treatment, anaerobic fermentation, biogas cleaning, Combined Heat&Power Unit(CHP), Bio-natural Gas making system, biogas flare/boiler and all auxiliary materials, in conjunction with services of process design, equipment selection, installation and operation & maintenance support.
ALONG BIOGAS is also professional in sewage treatment with non-production of biogas, with purpose of cleaning waste water for recycling of process water or being discharged environmental friendly.
General Process Description for each stage of a complete Biogas Project

1.Waste Material and Pre-treatment

Single or mixture of multiple substrates with high content of organic substance can be used for biogas production. Waste materials and by-products are accrued in conjunction with every single manufacturing operation, from
-Animal husbandry
-The food-production industry and the food-processing industry
-Agriculture raw and residual waste, e.g. Strew,semi-rotten vegetable&fruit
-Supermarkets, e.g. spoiled food products
-Breweries (malt spent grains)
-Juice production
-The ethanol industry (mash)
-The biofuel industry, e.g. glycerine
-Purification plants: Sewage sludge
-The animal feed industry
For feedstock in forms of solid or solid-liquid mixture, such as crop stalks, fruit and vegetable waste, food waste, etc., they should be shred to a fine dimension before fed into digester. Involving equipment such as shredders, crushers, beater, grinding system,dissolving devices etc. Kitchen garbage or community waste, due to its complex compositions, special manual or automatic sorting devices are needed.
Separation process occupies a large proportion in the stage of pre-treatment of waste materials, to remove large particles of inorganic suspended solids, debris and the like contained in the waste water. The equipment used are generally like screw-squeezed, spiral centrifugal, rotary mechanical grille, inclined sieving separator. Grease-water separator or horizontal spiral centrifuge to be used for grease separation if waste contains oil.
For waste materials with high consistence of fiber, long impurities and the like, cutting and grinding devices are required for further processing. For example poultry droppings, which contains soft feathers, it’s difficult for primary solid-liquid separation to remove it, a special cutting&grinding system is wanted to solve such problem.
The feedstock should be cleaned, in order to ensure that it is harmless(from the point of view of hygiene) and it’s free of pathogens, to avoid bad affection for microbiological process in digester.

2.Anaerobic Fermentation

In the heated and air-tight digester, the biomass ferments in conjunction with the production of methane, mixed with other by-product gas, it’s so called biogas. The microbiological process in digester takes place in four stages, hydrolysis - acidification - acetic acid form